'…Strange enlightenments are vouchsafed,' I murmured, 'to those who seek the higher places…'

'I heard of a man once,' he said,' that had himself let up into the sky in a balloon to make observations, a man of great personal charm but a divil for reading books. They played out the rope till he was disappeared completely from all appearances, telescopes or no telescopes, and then they played out another ten miles of rope to make sure of firstclass observations. When the time-limit for the observations was over they pulled down the balloon again but lo and behold there was no man in the basket and his dead body was never found afterwards lying dead or alive in any parish ever afterwards.

Cían McKenna is a motion-designer / image-maker / art-director / film-maker / etc etc… currently working in Dublin, Ireland — he has had the good fortune to work with a number of immeasurably more talented people than he and has by all accounts 'not done too badly' thus far. He (i) is (am) excitedly available for interesting projects with nice people (you).

contact :

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Dublin, Ireland.